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There are also frequent references to more recent events and culture in China.

i Partment tends to combine genres such as drama, mystery, thriller, slapstick and surrealism.

For any one who appreciate refined beauty and feminine talent, Suzhou and Hangzhou are truly heaven on earth.

Han Xue is a good example of beauties in “Suhang” area. Changsha Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province, is an inland city near the Dongting Lake.

It was produced by Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Shanghai Film Studio, aired by Jiangxi TV in August 2009, with 20 45-minute episodes.The second season leans more to a cinematic feel, with uses of CGI, camera effects and action scenes.- A graduate from MIT who recently returned to China. Zhanbo is very intelligent, but also socially inept and clumsy dealing with girls, often described by others as a stereotypical nerd.Nanjing-born girls are said to be friendly and not arrogant, delicate, pretty and well-educated.Elegant Nanjing actress Mei Ting gives the feeling of gentle and quiet and fits the description perfectly. Shanghai Shanghai, China’s most developed city, is a stylish metropolis.

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