Dating control freak man

This sort of thing comes out in the article ..i married a control freak and they still seem to find me . and treat you like a possesion not someone they are supose to love Yes, been there done that too, what a waste of 6 years that was... She thought the whole world owed her a favour and it revolved around her!She was born with Spina Bifida and if I was out for too long at a friends place, she would call & call my mobile - granted it was her car I was driving around in, even when I was driving my own car, it was exactly the same crap! Mike, Down Under To get a control freak to obtain help would be like trying to make them take a long walk off a short pier. You really do not see the signs until it is too late and you hear those chilling words, "You are mine legally and morally and I can do what I want with you." I was told this on both of my wedding nights.He/she is afraid of losing a good and creative partner,who has social life,friends,interests.Lasy,stupid,helpless losers all are agressive controlers. My ex-husband controled me even in toilet,when i had a smoke, and opened the door of my classroom,when i was giving a lesson. First,make them to respect you,if not ,let them go out. Not all men are control freaks as some have already stated, just as not all women are... Fear of losing the partner turns many to be freaks.This is a difficult one and not sure how to word it..been in this kind of relationship with a girlfriend. Hmmmm..might these guys call themselves 'nice guys' too? ' When people 'behave' out of character it was/is due to what?

In fact, most controlling men never will admit to being control freaks.However, it seems that you made an effort to say that the only "controlling" people in the world are men...while men might be in the majority as to this trait, it's certainly not exclusive to the the male gender. How often have men heard the " If you loved me, you would.....".Articles such as this should be non-gender specific in my opinion.Yes, get the hell out wheteher it be a male or female in this controlling relationship and do not get a puppy or decide to have a baby thinking that will resolve/calm/alter/change the controlling behaviour for it WILL not. As painful as it may well be to leave, do so and pay heed to what just happened so it may never happen again. Yes life is short and be strong From a guys point of view Great article and comments. Someone on here said iff they abuse themselves then they will abuse others ,, i think i have to agree ... i did not just date him i married him and stayed with him for 23 years being treated like a possesion and only allowed to go wher he thought i should go.Something a controlling man is good at doing (especially if their very intelligent) is making you feel ugly..the article said it begins "innocently". when he started to try and controll the children who were then becoming adults i knew it was time to go.

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