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Maybe men don't lock their eyes onto 36-24-36 like some broken slot machine after all, but instead possess a "flexible behavioral repertoire" that adapts sexual preferences to changing environments, the researchers conclude in .

A subsequent study corroborated the shortcomings of a global thin ideal, as well as the role of Western media in propagating it.

Then Zulu migrants living in Britain had their turn with the booklets—and chose bodies right in between.

As their social networks changed, so did male preferences.

I think you are much better off going on and finding a corn-fed homegrown good old fashion American of Scandinavian decent from Wisconsin than Denmark.

You will find similarities in culture with Swedish girls and similar reasons why they are not my first choice place for pursuing happily ever after. To read more about Danish women and meeting Danes if you are still interested and about 25% of Danish met their mate online. Just not one I can recommend for a guy looking for love and marriage in my understanding of these terms.

While men in developed societies go numb for sinuous curves, those in many developing countries surrender to a larger, more parallel contour.

Plumpness may be a sign of poor health in the West, but elsewhere it's a sign that a woman has access to money and food.

A few years ago, Swami and an international group of psychologists led by Martin Tovée of Newcastle University surveyed the female body preferences of men (and women) in the United Kingdom and among the Zulu of South Africa."I think one of the biggest myths that has been perpetuated by some evolutionary psychologists—though not all—is that there is one 'man,' or 'men,' with universal behaviors," says psychologist Viren Swami of the University of Westminster in London."In most socioeconomically developed societies, there is—not surprisingly—a preference for relatively slender women.An eye-tracking study last year found that men start to evaluate a woman's hourglassness within the first 200 milliseconds of viewing, which, based on my pedestrian observations, seems slow.But to call this desire universal is to ignore a great deal of competing information.

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