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This was actually cancelled as we all know,but this mug was one that slipped through the net,and shows him as crowned.£49Very good condition on this Queen Victoria mug.It was to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee Reign of 60years,(A record she still holds)The mug is in great condition even though it is 116 years old.This is a wonderful example in superb condition, NO chips or cracks,this is a very special plate.Quite large in size,and a must for the Royal Collector. Here we are offering a fine porcelain mug of King Edward the 7th & Queen Alexandra.Anyway this mug dates 1887 as you can see from the photos. It has the most amazing comprehensive historical pages and geneologies of the Royal Lines going right back to the King Egbert.The huge photos are superb,many in full colour, showing the Kings and Queens and events through the years from way back in time.If you love Royal and British history then don't miss this one!!£68 This is the famous Trades & Industries plates stemming from 1886 made for Queen Victorias Golden Jubilee.

The pages are clean and very readable,the only fault being the cover has loosened from it's staples.£48 A superb rare pattern Coronation mug, now well over 50 years old.There is no damage at all,but it does have a potters fault inside that has been glazed over when it was made. EDWARD THE 8TH 1937.(The King Who Abdicated) This is a very nice quality mug of a good size. Around the top in hand slipware is written."DEI GRATIA" "VICTORIA QUEEN AND EMPRESS" Then in the centre it says "She wrought her people lasting good" The jug has the famous legend backstamp underneath "DOULTON LAMBETH ENGLAND"..........It shows King Edward the 8th who abdicated the throne before he was crowned. This is a beautiful little porcelain mug,only 2.8inches tall and made by William Lowe of Staffordshire to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. For sale £ in the UK only Coronation hard cover book for 1937 and covers much more history.Queen Victorias favourite title,was to be called "The Empress of India".Beautiful plate in wonderful condition,made in 1897, Staffordshire. SUPERB DOUBLE ISSUE OF THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.

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