Dating emailing totally

For interviews, I provide a few options for days and time.I’ve had a few candidates respond saying they can’t take personal calls at work (no breaks?

I’ve been her boss before in the past and never had any conflict.

People have lives outside of interviewing — they have work meetings, deadlines, and other obligations that they need to schedule interviews around.

As for breaks, many people don’t get breaks at all, or their breaks are too short to interview during, or they need to, you know, during that break.

Is she allowed to limit the number of days we can take off if we give her proper notice of the absence? After all, they hired you expecting a certain degree of availability and reliable presence; it’s reasonable to say “I need to be able to rely on you to be here most days, except for X days off per year.” But I agree that this tends to go down more easily if an employer offers paid time off, especially for sick time.

And if she’s placing unusually heavy limits on the amount of time you can take off, that would be irritating as well.

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