Dating europeans america

For them the settling of North America was an epic written in the blood and sweat of ordinary people, men, women and children.

Like all epics, it originated with the oral tradition, tales told around the campfire in the language of Native braves.

Canada is a land of immigrants, with some coming very much earlier than others.

Archeological findings indicate that the Paleoindians, the first immigrants coming from the mists of Asia are ancestors of our Native people.

America owes its name to Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine, who made four voyages to the new world.

The first was in 1499, when he reached the mouth of the Amazon River and explored the coast of South America.

Gradually, over time his name became associated with this new land and led to its being called America after his Christian name.

While Christopher did not discover this 'new land', he did designate its people with the name Indian for he thought he had reached India.

European invasion destroyed and brought on a Dark Age for the native peoples, who were cursed by their conquerors as savages and heathens.

This spiritual belief is vital for it offers a key to understanding the First Nations of Canada, their cultures and their rights to the land.

Canada is their homeland, the place where they have always lived.

The ancestors of most modern Indians made up the second group.

Archeologists supporting this view suggest these first Americans must have arrived 20,000 years ago when the ice pack was smaller. Indian activists dislike this line of reason, for they say it infers they are simply a band of interlopers.

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