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The Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Festival is seeking talent including but not limited to those who identify as any of the following: Asian Pacific, Sub Continent Asian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, LGBTQ, Transgender, and Female.This Scholarship is at Second City Hollywood only and if awarded and living out of state or country, you must be responsible for any travel, lodging or housing accommodation during your scholarship period.

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In particular, the nobody-blogger angle focuses on ways in which social justice is used to justify aggression, and the mass-media angle focuses on ways in which social justice is used to coddle weakness.

Compare the recent bullying of a fan-artist to the point of suicide because she drew a cartoon character too thin and so was “erasing fat people” – to the recent students at Yale getting angry at an administrator who said she wasn’t going to enforce cultural sensitivity on Halloween costumes and so yelling and throwing stuff at her and her family.

I feel for anybody who gets yelled at and has stuff thrown at them, but the first of these two stories seems by far the most important; lots of teenagers commit suicide every year because of bullying, the idea that somebody deserves to die because they picture a cartoon character differently is abominable, and anyone who’s been on the relevant parts of the Internet knows this kind of thing is common as dirt.

When people on Tumblr are being bullied to suicide or told that they’re garbage or outed or getting death threats, that’s the commoners. Or to be even more cynical: social justice was supposed to be Yale’s weapon against Caltech and Podunk.

When a Contemporary Perspectives On American Literature professor is inconvenienced, AAAAAAAAH SOCIAL JUSTICE HAS GONE TOO FAR! But now Yale students are using it against Yale professors and administrators, and now it’s a problem.

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