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Being willing to open up and share your concerns is an important step in finding solutions and is a sign of strength.

You might benefit from realizing you are not alone and can be understood. Silke will be respectful of your spiritual/religious beliefs and will incorporate them into therapy as desired.""I am a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice for 33 years.

"I think of therapy as a venue where it's an honor to explore experiences with diverse people.

I know that issues are challenging to live with, and I strive to allow people a safe, nurturing, supportive environment in which to explore challenges, meaning, and existence with empathy and compassion.

Life work based essentially on person-centered approach of long time colleague Dr. Rogers, and humanistic, peace oriented and feminist values.""I am a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 25 years experience helping individuals, couples, and families to breakthrough to new patterns of health and effectiveness.

I hold a warm, encouraging, safe space as clients grapple with stress, relationship conflicts, sexual abuse, domestic violence, chemical dependency, pain management, and life threatening illness.

Even if others let us down, disappoint us, misperceive our intentions, unfairly criticize or abuse us, our crystalline core remains untarnished.""In need of support with your child or family during a difficult time?

Effective, compassionate support and helping you and your family access unity and stability during difficult times is my passion.

Everyone has their own journey and I view myself as a guide to assist individuals in navigating their journey in a way that fits and inspires them.I'm always mindful that a person is not in isolation, but is part of a community with diverse perspectives, morals, and values.""Ready to split?Are you stuck in relationship ambivalence and just can't decide whether to stay or leave? Before you breakup, divorce or go your separate way, try my unique program called Individual/Couples Counseling and Relationship Boot Camp.Utilizing a strengths-based approach and variety of modalities, my focus is to assist you and your family in achieving your goals by increasing effective communication and coping skills.With over twelve years of experience working with children and families understand and process life changing events, human development, gender identity, diagnoses, grief, separation, behavioral difficulties, trauma, adoption, blended families and more, I am here to help.""In need of support with your child or family during a difficult time?

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