Dating in 8th grade

- nintendofan126 How does this comment have 7 thumbs up? - Puga There's some kid who looked stupid and I said the day he got his 1st girlfriend before I did was that I would consider cutting off my feet. Also that kid didn't even go out with that girl for a full day... A lot of the guys and girls and just looking for the title of "girlfriend/boyfriend". Most people at this age aren't able to make good decisions or they just act stupid.

Recently he got a girlfriend and I still haven't got one so I cut off both my feet. And they think that they are mature, they're really not. They cause you to be included in gossip When I dated a person (not going to name her), my peers caught wind, and they started watching my every move with that girl.

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- River Clan Rocks All they do is sit together at lunch, walk together in school, hardly dating.

- Epic Jake hi Not very true, I'm a 14 yr old boy and I'm not a pervert.

clusium -I have been educated about sexual harrrassment,almost every teen in my school has been Could lead to sexual intercourse Some people in my school are talking about "it" and I'm just like "boy" this is middle school you shouldn't be celebrating you should be checking into a doctors office.

Middle school relationships are curses, and I think that there's nothing beneficial about them.

- dingodile2603 From previous experiences from my old middle school (or Primary/early high school since I don't live in America) I have found that Relationships there last about five minutes walking around the school field just to get attention from classmates.

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