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We all have the potential 2 be bigger & more beautiful. @Lindsey Stirling -- a major inspiration for artists everywhere.(And yes, this is the drawing I accidentally closed without saving.“She’s kind of been on my wish list for a minute, so that was a big part of it for me.” DWTS is no stranger to hookup rumors —with all that sizzling chemistry on the ballroom!Ballas brushes off all the pro-celeb romance talk and would rather give precedence to being a strong partner.Before the season premieres, Stirling formed bonds with her DWTS cast members like fellow musician, Jordan Fisher and Property Brother, Drew Scott.When it comes to her rehearsals with Ballas, it’s both challenging and fun.Mark Ballas is making a big return to DWTS with Lindsey Stirling, You Tube’s most talented musician, gifted with the violin.Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas are on DWTS 2017 with their eyes on the prize.

We can't control how big or small we are but we can control how we feel about ourselves on the inside.He talked about his busy life while commenting on his former dance partner, Julianne Hough bowing out of the judging panel this season. I just came off of a year doing Broadway and touring with the band.” Hough, who recently married Brooks Laich, hasn’t specified the reason for taking a break from the show.“If she’s got something else going on, good for her. Ballas thought the time to return to DWTS was right and he was even more glad about his decision when he found out that his partner is You Tube sensation and violin extraordinaire, Lindsey Stirling.It might not be so hard for the dancer and the violinist considering they have known each other for a while.“I’ve known her, we have a lot of mutual friends, and we’ve [Ballas and BC Jean] both been fans of what she does,” said the pro.

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