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(We're not sure if this is the reason that OK is known for being gay-friendly, but it is a gay favorite.) The site seems to know its business, too: You're paired by an elaborately weighted, number-crunched algorithm that gives you a "match percentage" based on both your and your potential date's answers to basic questions.

Price: One month .99/month, three months .97, six months 1.94Users: 1,924,000 paid subscribers; NYC is one of its largest markets (the specific number is undisclosed)Good for: This one's a safe bet.

Choose your matches from a list of very likely to be approved matches and hold honest and real intellectually stimulating conversations as soon as tomorrow.

Elite’s New York Jewish Matchmaker is searching for fabulous single Jewish women under 30 for her new VIP client.

Ok Cupid Price: Free Users: About 100,000 New Yorkers Good for: Casual dating.

The lack of a fee might contribute to the more laid-back feel here; this matchmaker seems to require less of a commitment—both to the free site and the people on it.

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For instance, users can take a "Gaydar" test, in which they try to identify gay and lesbian users just by looking at their photos.As a pioneer in online dating, Match is one of the best-known sites, and as such, it attracts a lot of hopefuls looking for both casual dates and a relationship.That makes it a safe bet for anyone looking to up their odds.As one of the major metropolitan areas of the United States, New York City is a very large hub for all forms of entertainment.It is probably best known to most of the world as the host for some of the country's most critically acclaimed and long-lived theater productions.

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    But chat rooms might save you a lot of time, as there is no need in going out in the city center or whatever other place, you can stay at home and have a chat with people whom you might like.

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    As additional information becomes available I will include it in future updates.

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    She was also involved with Jason Varitek, a reporter, and a journalist.