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From screaming about that funny moment that back then was so embarrassing you wanted to hide in the bathroom and drown yourself in the toilet bowl to that moment that was so humiliating that every cell in your body wanted to dump him and run to the end of the world and never see him again.The memes help us to look at past tears and laughter, pains and joys through new eyes that makes them suddenly a beautiful part of our relationships.It can be as subtle as sending a poke on Facebook, or as direct as swimming in a girl's DMs.You've been trying to pull a date (or more) off an online interaction.Please check our You Tube channel for our satirical marketing animations and behind the scenes content.You Tube "Countless grains of sand, vast number of stars in the night sky and millions of faces walking around us.If you were to ask the average person what their opinion on sex, and the act of doing it is, chances are good that they would tell you it is pretty fun. Many people who are sex-havers (which, as I am sure you already know, is what all people who have had sex at least one time choose to call themselves) can relate. It involves talking, foreplay, the contortion of limbs, body fluids.

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Relationship memes are the sweetest part of any relationship.

Memes come in all types, we have the naughty memes, the cute ones, the funny one and the crazy one.

In a relationship, you will come across all these moments; cute, funny, naughty and funny.

There's no denying that The Donald is entertaining.

ur catchy radio advertising jingle that has grabbed so much media attention- we think it’s fun, tin foil hats and all!

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