Dating pressure treated lumber

CCA treated lumber is the most common treatment process in this area.For other treatment processes see AWPA Standards C1-95, C2-95, C3-95, C15-95, C22-93 and C23-94. Release of Micronized Copper Particles from Pressure Treated Wood Products. Micronized copper pressure treated lumber (PTL) has recently been introduced to the consumer market as a replacement for ionized copper PTL.

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Wood for these uses is now treated with ACQ (alkaline copper quat, a copper oxide–quaternary ammonium compound mixture), copper azole, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT), or other chemicals.As the pressure in the container is increase, the preservative is forced into the lumber; the excess preservative is drained from the container and recycled.The preservative makes pressure-treated wood suitable for long-term outdoor uses where ordinary wood would soon deteriorate.I know that I would want to dry it out for at least a month to get all the juice evaporated out.I haven't really seen any posts about carving PT lumber.

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