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Rating: PG-13Summary: All the poignant moments of Remus Lupin’s life have been played out on a train. Rating: TSummary: There’s a werewolf registry and Remus is on it. One’s where Sirius just tries to protect Remus from all the hurt and pain in the world.Remus needs this, needs someone like this in his life, and this is heart wrenching in parts.R/SWhile parts of this story really turned me off (Sirius get a bit annoying sometimes) it’s made up for in Remus’ captivating background, which is revealed slowly through the entire story.

As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.95% Harry Potter blog, plus a little bit of me :) SEMI-HIATUS FOR SCHOOL UNTIL JANUARY.Askbox is open but if you send in a request, be prepared to wait-- I have 63 fic/headcanon requests in my drafts right now and will not be working on them much until winter.He also happens to be queer, which is enough to gain Sirius’ interest.What Sirius never realized is that dating Remus Lupin wasn’t quite as easy as it looked.

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