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When I was invited to eat with men while the women ate in another part of the house, I had to look at why.Would the women of the house have preferred to be eating with the men and their guest? I was always aware of a lively, self-contained women’s world existing in another part of the house.

Even a heterosexual Muslim couple will not hold hands, much less kiss, in public; and certainly I was never asked about my sexuality.

Her book, Why, I was asked, would I want to live in an Arab country? Before visiting the Arab World, Moore earned a BA from Harvard University and worked as a journalist.

She has also earned her living as a carpenter and general building contractor, an editor and researcher, and a teacher of English for Academic Purposes. I made up my mind after reading a book by the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, where he described building houses of mud brick for poor people.

It was not until I was in my late twenties and living, first in Mendocino County and later in the San Francisco Bay Area, that I fully accepted my sexuality and came out as a lesbian.

Acceptance of gays and lesbians is a very recent phenomenon in the US.

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