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Law in Russia are so lax about Internet scams, that there is really very little legal problem that the victims can create for the scammer, and the scammers know it very well.

back to FAQs His/her name has been reported as a scam. (we will refer to this person as "your lady" in our answer, for simplicity sake) If you found your ladys name being posted on a black list, do not automatically assume that she is a scammer.

A good thing about Travel scammers is that they are very easy to detect if any .

We would recommend the same due diligence checks to detect them.

If any matches are provided, you can read through them carefully to see if it is a true match or just a coincidence.

Step 2: perform the same search using her email address, then her home address.

The good thing about the Translation Scams is that they are also very easy to detect with due diligence checks.

Check whether the pictures and other biographical information match as well.If they match, then most likely your lady is really involved. Is there any objective evidence of a scam being presented?Or does it sound more like some disgruntled ex-penpal wenting off because she didnt appreciate his attention enough?She was runner-up in this year's season of My Kitchen Rules.But reality TV star has finished first when it comes to love, her longtime partner Daniel Pearson popping the question.

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