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Predictably the issue of Canadian experience raised its head.

After struggling in a door-to-door sales/marketing job in London, Ontario, Rao finally got his foot in the door by joining TD Canada Trust Bank as a teller.

I don’t think my native country will be very accepting of her and that is one thing that worries me,” he says.“It was disheartening to start with a job that did not really require an undergrad degree, but I knew I had to start somewhere and make my way up as I lacked Canadian work experience and lacked networking skills,” he says in a matter-of-fact manner. His sister was getting married and he thought it was his duty to assist with the wedding.Perhaps the expiry of his work permit and his PR not coming through at that time further helped his decision and he went back.Once we sell our home, our leaving Canada will mean a net loss of close to 0,000 per year to the Canadian economy without counting any multiplier effects,” he says.Duty calls A college strike proved to be fateful for Indian-born Praveen Rao who moved to Canada for a better education.

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