Dating simulation nds games

The little flying creature refers to the young girl as the Princess, and they seem to be happy that they made it to the "other world" in one piece.

The princess introduces herself as Sabrina and the flying creature as Kip Hamoon Stallon the 777th.

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Once she gets home, however, a strange small flying creature with pink glasses resembling a mouse appears, accompanied by a young girl looking identical to Sabrina pop out of a portal in Sabrina's closet.Having no other option, Sabrina decides to make the best of it and heads for the dinner party.At the dinner party she meets up with four princes, Prince Vince, Prince Cesar, Prince Luciano and Prince Klaus, whose appearances all bear an uncanny resemblance to the boys at her school.She doesn't have much time to appreciate the view, however, since the maids quickly enter her room and tell her to hurry and dress up for a dinner party that is to be held at the Waltz Castle.Sabrina can't take it any more and ask Kip to take her home to her own world, but Kip tells her that in order to do so, she'll need the key to open the portal, which the real princess has with her in Sabrina's world.

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