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FROM: Lynette Hutchings Phone: 02 49540932 My mother's grandmother was Harriet NEWLING (ne BROWN) whose father was James BROWN (born 18 October 1835) who married Susan SMITH on 4 December 1856.

James parents were "Old" Thomas BROWN and Sarah TURK (married 26 April 1831) so I am related to about 75% of those buried in the Methodist Cemetery at Dalton.

Ebenezer Douglas Dunlop was born April 1816 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland and died 1881 at Yass, NSW.

He married Ellen Willock 24 April 1837 in Kilmarnock and shortly after the wedding departed Scotland for NSW arriving onboard "City of Edinburgh" with his wife Ellen.

FROM: Mabel Armstrong We are interested in the Armstrong family and our main focus is William and Mary Armstrong who came from Northern Ireland.

Mabel Armstrong Unit 5 14-20 Barsden Street Camden, NSW 2570 FROM: Kim Jenner I am researching my husband's ancestors from the Gundaroo area, namely the families of JOBBINS, in particular Edward Jobbins, (born 1793 in Wiltshire England, died 1870 at Back Creek, Gundaroo) and his wife Rebecca Anderson (born 1797 in Wiltshire and died 1870) and their descendants.

John Dunlop, born 1794 in Ayrshire, Scotland, married Marion Douglas in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

RANDELL, READ, REARDON, REBERGER, REED, REGAN, REID, REID-MASON, REIDY, REYNOLDS, RIAL, RIEL, RILEY, RING, ROACH, ROBERTSON, ROBINSON, ROCHE, ROCHFORT, RODROM, ROFFE, ROHAN, ROSE, ROUSE, ROWE, ROWLAND, ROWLEY, ROYAL, ROYLE, RUDD, RUSSELL, RYALS, RYAN, RYRIE SAINSBURY, SALES, SARGENT, SARSFIELD, SAVAGE, SAWAKER, SAYWAKER, SAXBY, SAYERS, SBROCCHI, SCANLON, SCALLEY/SCALLY/SKELLEY/SKELLY, SCOBLE, SEALES, SEAMAN, SELMES, SEYMOUR, SHANNON, SHARKEY, SHARROCK, SHARWOOD, SHAW, SHEA, SHEEDY, SHEEHAN, SHERIDAN, SHERRIFF, SHOEMARK, SIBLEY, SILBY, SILLIS, SILVER, SIMPSON, SIMS, SINCLAIR, SKELLY, SLATER, SLATTERY, SLAVIN/SLEVIN, SMITH, SMITHERS, SOARS, SOUTHWELL, SPACKMAN, SPENCE, SPENCER, STANLEY, STARR, STEAR, STEPHENSON, STEVENS, STONHAM, STUART, STYLES, SULLIVAN TAAFE, TAAFFE, TAFFEE, TAFY, TALBOT, TAUNTON, TAVENER, TAYLOR, TEMPLE, THEIS, THEOBALD, THOMAS, THOMPSON, THORN, THORNTON, TIDBOALD, TILLYGRIEG, TIMBLETT, TINDALL, TINHAM, TIYCE, TOOHEY, TOPHAM, TORPEY, TOZER, TRACEY, TRAINER, TRIGGELL (TRIGGLE), TROTTER, TUCKER, TUFREY, TULLY, TURK, TURNER, TURTON, TWEEDIE, TWEEDY, TWIST, TWYFORD URQUHART VALLANCE, VARDY, VAUX, VENABLES, VINCENT WAKARTT, WALES, WALKER, WALKOM, WALL, WALMSLEY, WALSH, WALTER, WALTON, WARD, WARDEN, WARGELIA, WARN, WARNE, WARNER, WARREN, WARTON, WASS, WATERFALL STATION, WATERS, WATKINS, WATMAN, WATSON, WATTS, WATZ, WEATHERSTONE, WEDGE, WEEKS, WELBY, WELLS, WELSH, WESTON, WHARTON, WHEATLEY, WHEELDON, WHEELER, WHELAN, WHITE, WHITEFORD, WHITEHOUSE, WHITTAKER, WHYTE, WIDGE, WILDSMITH, WILESMITH, WILKINSON, WILLANS, WILLIAMS, WILLOCK, WILLOUGHBY, WILMOT, WILSON, WINDIBANK, WINNELL, WINTER, WITHERS, WOMBEY, WOODBURY, WOODMAN, WOODS, WORLD, WORNER, WRIGHT YEUMBERAH FROM: Steven Mobile Phone: 0402 105150; 0424 820739 Email: [email protected] Our interest is in any information regarding relatives and descendants of Kim's ggg grandparents Robert & Ellen EDWARDS. Robert arrived in Gundaroo in about 1836, and died in the area in 1857. Their children were Robert Mark, Elizabeth, John Robert & Anne."Last Monday night the accused was married to a man named Patrick Nash ---- " (The two who bail for her applied to be released from their obligation.Because of her marriage they thought she may flee the Colony.Although no know natural children were born to Ebenezer and Catherine, it is known that an adopted child, Rosa Ann Wales, was living with them at the time of the murder of Ebenezer at his home at Kitty's Creek, Yass, NSW on Boxing Day, 26 December 1880. Rosa Ann Wales deposed: I am the adopted daughter of the deceased. Rosa Ann Wales deposed: I will be 17 on 19th next April.I was the adopted daughter of the late EBD and Mrs Dunlop; I believe I was with them 12 years (in later evidence she refers to them as Uncle and Aunt.

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