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Bodley chuckles at a preschool memory of when he took the painting of a fellow preschooler’s parent, since he liked it read → Q&A: Kevin Briscoe Hoy Transfer has been hauling Penn State football equipment for decades.Its owner, Kevin Briscoe, is no stranger to the long hours and late nights it takes to keep the program running around the country, making sure everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be there.O rywle daw Taid a Nain Eldra i’r dref yn eu carafan draddodiadol ag atgoffant y teulu am ffordd o fyw y Romani.Pwy all enill yng nghanol y gwrthdaro a’r cyfeillgarwch?With flash and flamboyance, the family proudly dance to the tune of Taid’s (fiddle) whilst Eldra plays her harp.

Hanes cyffrous rhai o’r Romani Cymreig yn ystod 1930 au wedi ei osod ym mysg cysgodion llwydlas chwarel lechi yng Ngogledd Cymru.

This stunning DVD contains original film coverage of the first 5 Whitbread races.

Under a Cymru summer sky, Robat’s closeness to Eldra sparks resentment from his jealous brother and bandit buddies. Meanwhile, Eldra’s grandparents roll into town in their Gypsy caravan, reminding the family of their Romany ways.

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