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• My husband aged 76 had a CABG op 18months ago. The worry is that if his veins are weak and the narrowing of the Artery is in the bypass where a stitch has slightly narrowed the artery.... I have a hard time walking from my car to my office. Since I have been back to my doctor several times, it's like he has given up on me.He was progressing well but the last 2 months he has been very weary and needs sleeps during the day to get some energy. Once he has had a rest he looks fine again for another couple of hours. Although he can see my husband has no quality of life right now. • Mifraz -- Have you consulted yur cardiologist? If you are having returning angina, shortness of breath (SOB), etc. Doctors admitted my surgery was successful and i was sent home, however since then i am experiencing severe pain on the left around the heart which sometimes runs down to my left wrist. Have done several exercise ECG's and Echo since but all showed good results.Sometimes the fix is sometimes placing a stent in the bypass graft; sometimes in the original artery that was bypassed.

The Crestor/Zocor debacle is due to the FDA allowing the drugs to be put out on the market before doing long term testing. Except tightness in chest I did not felt any other problem. But for last two months or so I am suffering from pain in ribs particularly in right side and it becomes more when i sit for longer time & unbearable while changing side during sleep... After 6 months it clears up ,then 6 months symptom free, then 6 months symptoms again. Last year I had 2 more angioplasties , but since bypass ,it DOES NOT relieve symptoms even though they were closing.If I leave those 2 buggers closed cause they won;t stay open will I have a heart attack.CONFUSED • Nirmal in Mumbai -- His breathing problem is most likely sleep apnea, which can occur after surgery.• I was 36 in 2002 when I had my first heart attack and had a stent put in my right coronary artery. ordered another angiogram which showed 2 more arteries 50 and 65% blocked and several veins on my heart that are completely blocked. • I am 48 yr old Type 1 diabetic on insulin pump.. a lot of other medical things going on as well..I have been experiencing chest pain off & on for 3 wks daily the past week..they wont do anything about the arteries until they are 75% blocked and the small veins they can do nothing about. I am scared and have made app w/cardio week... He can touch the worse spot and press down and feel the pain. Been to every doctor looking for relief he has never returned to any kind of work due to the pain.

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