Dating someone new advice

Secondly, when you’re setting the scene in your living room or kitchen try not to go overboard.It’s not necessary for the low lights, soft R ‘n’ B music, candles and rose petals you see in the films.If you had a wonderful time and feel like shooting your date a casual text later that night or the next day, go for it.Just maybe don’t stalk and accidentally like their Instagram photos—or worse, their ex’s Instagram photos.On the other hand, if you’re the guest and you just don’t feel comfortable going to your date’s home at this stage in the relationship then let them know.You don’t need to be tactless, simply say something like, ‘I think it’d be great if we got to know each other a bit better over dinner dates first, with less pressure.’ This new relationship tip is mainly for the host – don’t try to do anything complicated.This is all important as it’s likely you’ll both be quite nervous.Obvious tip number one is to kick out housemates if you share with anyone (they’ll probably be very obliging if they’re at least half decent friends).

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This is the big one, ladies: The act of obsessively checking your phone every two minutes could be a bona fide deal breaker.

There’s nothing more rude than trying to have a conversation with a person who’s constantly stating at a screen.

Checking Instagram can wait—and definitely don’t post any status updates, tweets about your date in real-time, or snap any candid pics when they’re not looking. A foolproof way to ensure that conversation will always be flowing is to simply ask questions.

If you’ve been dating for a while, you’re probably considering tackling the first home date.

But how can you make sure everything goes smoothly when your relationship is still new?

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