Dating stanley no 4 planes

TITLE PAGE: Publish date is 1927, no edition # is shown but I assume it to be #4. TITLE PAGE: No Publish date but identified as the EIGHTH EDITION.

COVER PICTURE: 4 engined airliner displaying Atlanta flying from right to left. COVER PICTURE: 2 single engined (monoplane)RAF bombers flying from left to right.

From Anthony Horden & Sons Ltd, Sydney, mail order catalogue, 1923: Annual, Aircraft, Animals, Children, Empire, Railways, Ships, Soldiers, The Navy, Why & What, Wonders [11 titles, each at 6/6=65c plus postage 11d=9c, advertised as follows: '12 coloured plates, 300 illustrations'.] New: INVENTIONS by Professor A M Low plus Aircraft, Animals, All-Story, Empire, Engineering Wonders, Motors, Nature, Pets, Railways, Ships, Soldiers, The Navy, The Wild, Then & Now, Wonders, Why & What [17 titles, each at 6/-=60c net] From dust jacket, HOW IT'S DONE, 2nd ed, pre-1944: Animals, Daring Deeds, Do You Know? [21 titles, advertised as follows: 'With 8 colour plates, 256 pages, about 300 illustrations, constantly revised and brought up to date.'] The list of titles available on the jacket didn't always agree with the list of titles at the front of the book, indicating that the books were fitted with older (or newer) jackets. TITLE PAGE: Publish date is 1919, no edition # is shown but I assume it to #1.

, Electricity, Engineering Wonders, How It's Done, Motors, Nature, Pets, Railways, Science, Ships, Soldiers, Story, Tell Me Why? The list within this book includes: Aircraft, Empire, Inventions, Machinery, Story and The Wild - but NOT Science, The RAF, Things to Do Thanks to Paul, Dallas and others for your updates! COVER PICTURE 2nd ed: Sopwith Triplane diving to the bottom left hand corner is a second edition printed in 1919 (my copy is printed by William Clowes and Sons ltd) one of the front pages states that there are seven other wonder books uniform with this volume.

TITLE PAGE: No publish date (suspect 1939) but identified as the NINTH EDITION.

COVER PICTURE: Airport staff loading cargo in hold of 4 engined (piston) airliner showing 838 on the nose wheel door.

They were also sturdily constructed (size: crown 4to.

10" x 7"), the proof being in the number that are still to be found in good condition.

Back of half-title "Real Dutch" while frontispiece is "By the Zuyder Zee". A 1917 edition with a cover title "The Wonder Book of Children of all Nations", but which is subtitled on the title page 'The Wonder Book of Children and the people they live with', and edited by Harry Golding.

The stories are from the 19th century up to 1936, e.g.

Jean Batten's England to New Zealand solo air flight.

No Before and After cartoon is included inside the front and back boards.

COVER PICTURE: Flight of 6 RAF Vickers Wellington twin engined bomber flying from right to left. TITLE PAGE: No publish date shown but overleaf shows FIRST PUBLISHED 1940. 5th ed edited by Harry Golding with 12 coloured plates and nearly 300 illustrations.

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