Dating stonehenge

The summer solstice is marked with a number of festivals, feasts and rituals across different faiths, and is strongly associated with fertility, growth and light.This year Google also marked the solstice with a doodle animation showing a mouse reading in an underground home.He described the project as “the most brutal intrusion into the Stone Age landscape ever” and accused the Department for Transport (Df T) of paying “no attention at all” to the importance of the Wiltshire monument.But government heritage agency Historic England, and the National Trust and English Heritage, who manage the stone circle and its surrounding landscape, welcomed the announcement.This grass-covered, quartz-ringed hump, some 86 meters across and 13.5 meters high, covers an acre of land.Its smooth exterior belies the mysterious hidden chambers within; only a fraction are open to the public.The ancient monument is believed to have been used as an important religious site by early Britons around 4,000 years ago, and it has become a popular place for pagan celebrations since the start of the 20 Each year people arrive in their droves to see the sunrise, many of whom are dressed in modern druid robes, costumes or wearing flower garlands.

Hailed by UNESCO as "Europe's largest and most important concentration of prehistoric megalithic art," the World Heritage Site of Brú na Bóinne lies less than an hour's drive north of Dublin, in the heart of what the country's tourism board has dubbed Ireland's Ancient East.

"As they got more and more sophisticated, they included the solar alignments," says Tuffy. In their day, they would most likely have been the largest monuments in the world.

But there's a reason UNESCO says that the passage grave is "brought to its finest expression" in the Boyne Valley.

Mr Robinson told the Press Association he had been ”pretty sure“ the plan was going to be rejected as the arguments against it were ”coherent and unanswerable“.

He said: ”Archaeologists have understood over the last 10 to 15 years that Stonehenge isn't a monument, Stonehenge is a landscape.

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