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Kings held their opponents in captivity for long periods, entered into secret combinations, and waged battles.

The record indicates that some of these kings were "anointed" (e.g., Ether ;9:4;), sat upon beautiful thrones (Ether 10:6), and had concubines (Ether 10:5-6). They were settled people, the ruling lines living most of their long history in a single land called Moron, somewhere near and north of what would later be called the Nephite "narrow neck of land." In some eras, the Jaredites built many cities and buildings (Ether ;10:5-12).

C., which due to the scarcity of historical material presents obstacles to the use of comparative literature or archaeology.

Parallels with the ancient Near East can only be described in general forms, and no artifacts or writings identifiable as Jaredite have ever been found outside the Book of Mormon.

But while parallels may be nebulous, certain Jaredite terms and names refer to practices, objects, or places in the ancient Near East.

Several types, and a few specifics, may be analyzed in order to better understand the Jaredites and their civilization.

Thus it may be relevant that Utnapishtim, the Sumerian Noah in the Epic of Gilgamesh, similarly is said to have built his boat with a ceiling and water plugs, and to have waterproofed the entire inside with bitumen.

The Jaredites date to the time of the "great tower" mentioned in the Old Testament (Gen. Led by God, the Jaredites left their homeland for a new land somewhere in the Americas, and there they established a kingdom. 400, the last Nephite survivor, Moroni, abridged the record of Ether and appended his summary to the account of the Nephites that had been prepared by his father, Mormon.

The Jaredites are a people described in the book of Ether (see Book of Mormon: Book of Ether) whose name derives from their first leader, Jared.

Utnapishtim's story also recounts the raging winds that slammed water into the mountains and people, vividly paralleling the Jaredites' experience of being driven by a furious wind (Ether 6:6).

Stones were made to shine by the touch of God's finger to light these barges.

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