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Perhaps you are looking for a dating coach in Los Angeles?

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This process will give you the tools you need to be more emotionally honest and ask directly for what you want without sounding weak, needy, desperate, or insecure. If you practice Naked Dating® on all your dates, I can promise that you will be ready when the love of your life appears! Or, to sign up for a Through relationship coaching, I am passionate about helping you create a playful, loving, lasting romantic relationship.

Naked Dating® can answer every question you have about dating and some you didn’t even know you had.

It can also help you pinpoint the repeated behaviors that are keeping you single.

Food and dating are a perfect match, especially for Malory Craft.

The creator of independent podcast OKC Over Easy and cohost of The Spy’s new The Dates of Our Lives radio show said the two projects address topics that are both relatable and unavailable anywhere else. Craft and guests discuss everything from local dining to Trader Joe’s. She said she has always loved food — she has authored a food blog and loves to develop recipes — and podcasts and loves to talk about local cuisine.

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