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Here's a fancy (-looking) dinner dish for every kind of palette and any kind of guy.We all have at least one friend with a severely restricted diet: vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, etc.Don’t forget the lessons Extreme Couponing taught us about always reading the fine print first. Alternatively, if you ended up with a month-to-month subscription for a full year, you would pay 290% more – an additional 7!While it’s more economical to avoid an online dating subscription altogether; just in case you’re having issues with a girlfriend or boyfriend, I’ve included the infamous Cheese Fondue recipe below.Just as we learned in Number One Stunner, combo deals and bundles aren’t always advantageous.I am uniquely qualified, however, to comment on the perils of online dating.The Story: As mentioned in the Candied Orange Peel story, I enjoy cooking.Sometimes I experiment and create something new, and other times I follow a favorite recipe.

Rinse off your beef and cut it into 1″ pieces (if it’s not already cut up).

A nostalgic recipe from my childhood that my mother used to make was a Swiss-French dish that became popular in the US in the 60’s: cheese fondue.

When we were younger, my brothers and I loved dipping the French bread in the hot, melty-gooey cheese sauce.

You're pretty good in the kitchen (if you do say so yourself), so why not show off your skills!

You know what they say about the way to a man's heart....

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