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Then my friend, you will be losing your girlfriend on the very first date!My previous post was all about things guys should not do on a first date.I recently purchased a book about Dating Secrets which consists of 15 Mistakes Men Make Which Women Hate.The book is written by Tony Sanders telling you everything which is not by any woman.Mistake 4 – Doing What She Says : Seriously guys, STOP being weak in front of her.

Mistake 2 – Waiting For Her To Talk : This is again something guys feel while on a date.Even, you will get to know about things that actually works!Mistake 1 – Using Lines : If you think that using creative lines can impress any girl then you are wrong my friend.But if you are unable to do it at a particular time. If you don’t ask for it, you just failed in the step One of dating.Mistake 8 – Being Arrogant : You might think that this is pretty simple technique.

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