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Remember that this is a poor country and most of the people see europians and americans as rich, even if your not. You can smoke at home, in your house or garden, in your car or at special areas at the malls. just do not be stupid tourist and flash your money about and obey by the law then you will not have anything to worry about then.

Most of the markets, not the big malls, got forigner-price. And if you dont need to live at the beautystreet with the rich people then you can rent a house with 3 room and a mini garden for 6-8000 peso electricity water. It can easily get higher if you use the aircon 24 hour. The fact that you got to pay two months rent in advance is just to live with. If not the answer use to be from the owner that YOU pay that and that you cut it from the rent next time. And if you find a woman or a man to have sex with USE a condom and NEVER EVER get a prostitute. Aids and Hiv is very, very common here, and to have sex with a prostitute without protection is no problem, just pay extra.... but to feel safe then this is definite the place to ta\ravel.

My girlfriend lives in Manila, which is generally a MUCH more expensive city. Foreigners are well accepted there, as the comments above reflect. Electricity (i have aircon, flat screen tv and heater) - 1,000.00 pesos Grocery - 1,500.00 pesos Food - 50.00 pesos per day x 30 days total of 1,500.00 pesos per month. its really hard to make a budget if their all spending to the things they don't need. Now I am praying that when I get in contact with her she will like what she see in my photo profile and what I am all about. I have FOUND her OMG what a beauty and may I add she is 54 years young really she looks no older than a day over 40.Electricity (i have aircon, flat screen tv and heater) - 1,000.00 pesos Grocery - 1,500.00 pesos Food - 50.00 pesos per day x 30 days total of 1,500.00 pesos per month. Even though I'm a woman, I can go home at in the morning without worrying that something might happen to me. Public transport such as jeeps and taxis are still available even in the wee hours in the morning.Transportation - 20.00 - 30.00 pesos a day for only in jeepneys and tricycles. Their are a lot of cheap restaurants around the city. The only problem here is the weather and the traffic specially during rush hours. 1000 US, or 40,000 p in Davao City, should go MUCH further. You can buy cheaper food/products in bankerohan or in downtown. since every day in the Philippines there will be changes specially the market price of food.

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