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Ok, so they are more expensive per pound than your average whole chicken.BUT, remember that when you don’t really want leftovers and you only want to heat up your oven for a small amount of time, they are the perfect solution.Religion has always played an important role in city history, and church graveyards chronicle the lives of the early settlers.Christ Church parish was established in 1715, and the first church building was constructed in 1750. I had never in my life heard of Cornish game hens before and it was kind of fun to have an entire bird to myself.Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any weeknight is a fine occasion for making Cornish game hens.Finally, bring the temperature down to 375 F and roast for another 25-30 minutes.

History abounds around every corner, with over 150 landmarks -some dating to the 18th century- representing a variety of architectural periods.Take the pot out of the fridge and get your Cornish hens ready.Remove the giblets and submerge the hens into the brine. Remove the pot from the fridge, flip the birds over, and put the pot back into the fridge for another 6 hours.I would discourage this, but sometimes you just don’t have an ingredient.) Pour the warm water over it all and stir it so the salt and sugar dissolves.Put the pot into your fridge until the water has cooled down.

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