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Seated in his spacious office on the ninth floor of Intact Media’s ten-storey Bucharest headquarters, Sorin Alexandrescu turns the interviewer-interviewee tables and wants to know what TBI knows about Antena Group.The initial cautiousness can be explained in part by recent events that have seen Antena and pay TV operator RCS & RDS trade lawsuits and, at one point, Antena Group CEO Alexandrescu (pictured) arrested on blackmail charges. With the legal situation unfolding and the eyes of market watchers on developments, it is a crucial period for Antena, the broadcast group that operates a family of channels spanning general entertainment, news, music and celebrity.“We are fighting with a group that has operations in several countries, which is owned by some big international players who hope they are going to be one of the strongest propositions in Central Europe, and somehow we have managed to be a very competitive against them.Now we need to look at how we position ourselves within the market that we are playing in.” The Antena Group channels have been rebranded and repositioned accordingly.

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With all we have done so far, we are fully prepared to be the unique entertainment proposition in Romania.Away from legal matters, the good news for the group is the bouquet of channels is now the overall market leader, ahead of Time Warner-backed pan-regional broadcaster CME.Kantar Media audience numbers for 2013 show that Intact’s five channels garnered 22.1% overall share compared with CME’s 20.8% for its six-channel offering.“I’m confident that we will reach an agreement with Focus Sat,” says Alexandrescu.“I don’t want to put them in the same position as RCS & RDS.

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