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Cain turns 50 today (Sunday, July 31) - so here's a brief precis of his weird and wonderful career across the past two decades.

Interesting fact: Cain was actually the second choice to play Clark Kent / Superman on the show that would go on to make him a star.

In June, Cain dives into boot camp for Stars Earn Stripes, an NBC series created by Mark Burnett that’s like Survivor but with celebrities—and military challenges instead of endurance competitions.

“It’ll probably make me look silly,” Cain says, but he sees a potential upside: the weaponry.

The rest is history, with the 27-year-old actor - born Dean Tanaka - becoming Superman for an entire generation.

Cain's appeared in three episodes to date, though the revelation in April's finale that his presumed-dead character is still alive opens up the possibility of more appearances in season two.

A TV show story-arc is typically more than one episode long, so it would seem that Hatcher will grace our screens for a few weeks to come.

aired its final outing - with one of the defining TV series of the 1990s ending on a cliffhanger. We'll never know what happened to Lois and Clark after that infant was dropped on their doorstep - but actor Dean Cain, who played the Man of Steel, has been up to a whole lot in the intervening years.

Yesterday, it was announced that Teri Hatcher — a.k.a.

one of the best Lois Lanes of all time — will appear in Supergirl Season 2 as a villain.

“Denzel made a truckload of cash and I made peanuts! “I make more on one episode of television than I made in the six weeks of shooting that. I don’t know how some of these people make a living.”So he’s fine with all his various roles on TV, which he hasn’t even fully covered (on IMDB, he is listed as having nine projects in development, including a TV movie called The Dog Who Saved Christmas Eve). “They talked me into it.” He tweeted about taking his mother to the American Idol finale and a weekend trip to Napa.

As Cain is about to sign off, his agent interjects, with a reminder about a different project the actor should talk about. As of press time, Dean Cain had 238 Twitter followers.

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