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After-hours security personnel will be wearing a pager that is activated by dispatch (to provide after-hour access to buildings on the complex).

This pager will be transferred to each night security person in the Capitol after closing at 6 p.m.

Some American's students were here last year and now it is a return visit.I don't have words to express how I am happy because now I have a hope to meet you!!!!And what is also very important is that my aunt asked if it would be possible me to be included in the group because my Mom had already told her about us, so she knows about you and our feelings and she was promised that it would not be a problem for me to come with the students. On my own I sent her a small sum () via Western Union to cover internet access fees. Of course in the first month she said she was doing fine and didn't need any money.

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    It’s still in the theoretical stage, but it may someday soon allow doctors to detect a change in a specific small ribonucleic acid (micro RNA) molecule that is often elevated in lung cancer patients. The numbers: Colon and rectal cancers account for 13% of all cancers diagnosed each year, and is the third most-common cancer in men and women (and the second-leading cause of cancer-related death), according to the American Cancer Society.

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