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If you spot the problem and notify your bank, your liability can be limited: Some debit cards come with additional protection from the card issuer, so you’re safer than federal law requires.

These services are often called “zero liability” policies or similar.

Thieves can steal your card information from brick-and-mortar stores, ATMs, gas pumps, or just about anywhere.

They might pull it off with the help of a skimming device or by hacking into a merchant’s payment system remotely.

If somebody uses your card number to make fraudulent purchases, your account will get drained.

That means it’ll be harder (or impossible) to pay for be protected under federal law, but getting that money back into your bank account is a painful and slow process.

If you choose to redeem your points for travel by using Chase's online travel portal your points are worth an extra 25%, making this one of the best bets for point value.

With Chase Sapphire Preferred Card you'll earn 2 points for each dollar you spend on travel and dining out and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. ) after spending ,000 in the first 3 months and another 5,000 bonus points after adding your first authorized user and making a purchase in the first 3 months from your account opening.

Your debit card makes it easy to spend from your checking account, and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere credit cards are accepted.

But if you have the option to use a credit card, it’s probably safer to use credit — especially when shopping online.

Thieves spend the card issuer’s money instead of yours, and you can get everything cleared up while keeping your checking account untouched.

In other words, credit cards add an extra layer between thieves and your money.

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