Dnangel dating game

Riku then fumbled with his belt and removes it from him, throwing it somewhere.

Daisuke then stood up; Riku wrapped her legs around his waist and holding to his neck, still kissing him.

It was a sunny and cool day in a European like town. And so they watch the sun going down, Wiz sitting at the edge. Maybe I should do a painting of this" Daisuke thought to himself. She thinks of him a lot and sees nothing but good qualities.

As soon as they were up they again kiss one another. He pushed her down, her head resting on his pillows.

Riku had made Daisuke tell her of being Dark the phantom thief (or as I like to call him, the dark angel), though she knows that already but wants him to spill the beans about it. The sun then disappeared on the horizon and darkness would soon blanket the skies. Daisuke and Riku had their fill, and they went to the sofa to relax a bit, then Riku asked him on something. Riku was getting wet, her panties starts to get soaked.

Eventually he told her and have a fear of possible rejection. They then go down to make dinner."Daisuke, what's for dinner? Daisuke and Riku kissed for so long they don't realize they were running out of breath. "Daisuke, make love to me." Riku said as she cupped his cheeks. I don't want to harm you." Daisuke is worried for her sake.

Daisuke sat while Riku straddled in his lap and kissed him like mad.

While she's doing it, her hands went on her back to release the bra straps, and then took it off and pressed her breasts against his fine chest.

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