Dreamweaver 8 template not updating pages

any further advice from Contribute/Dreamweaver users would be greatly appreciated. Are there any tricks or hints that you can pass on?

Dreamweaver templates When an HTML page is saved as a template, Dreamweaver creates a template folder at the root level of the local root folder and generates a file that becomes the source for all the pages that are applied to it.

If the file is moved from the Templates folder, or if the Templates folder is moved or renamed, the link will be broken.

It is very important to keep the file in the Templates folder where Dreamweaver creates it.

Information for building new content is found in the EPA Web Guide. I have some templates (files) that I create in Dreamweaver, for use with Contribute, i.e.I create the template, other people create the content for our site based on the those templates.To avoid confusion, it is good practice NOT to save other elements of your site (image source files or HTML documents) inside the Templates folder. When a file is applied to an existing page or created new from a template, the following code is inserted in the source: To view the HTML source code that Dreamweaver generates, choose Window HTML.The path above replaces the normal HTML source that would appear on a new page.

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