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He told us of the characters represented in the bronze sculpture of a Bomber Command air crew sharing an insight which he had gained through losing members of his own team in a military exercise.He gave the listeners a moving account of the emotional ties developed by such a team and the impact that loss has on not only their fellow airmen but on their friend and families.There was a march past of retired and serving soldiers as we listened to the National Anthem and the speeches given by the Mayoral Party.On a day of extraordinary historical change for our country it was good to be reminded that the City retains its age old traditions come what may.....My first job today was to go to The Hall and attend a meeting of the Finance Committee and the good news is that in spite of ‘choppy’ times at our Hall, all is being managed very well indeed.At this point the Mistress and I met up at the OXO Tower for a tasting session for the Court Dinner – always a great culinary delight!

In return for their work the women receive a weekly pay packet and are able to achieve qualifications which help them to find employment.

Tuesday June 21st – A trip to Stratford No, Even though it is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, my visit today was not to THAT Stratford!

I took a trip on the Jubilee line at the invitation of the Master Carpenter, Mr Michael Neal, to see his Company’s Building Craft College.

A whole range of Masters from different companies were shown, during the course of the visit, the progress and attainment possible and we were most impressed and felt that this was definitely the sort of facility we should all be supporting and encouraging.

The quality of some of the projects in stone carving and furniture making was quite outstanding and showed just what can be achieved, given the right environment.

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