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“Because of their tendency or biological appearances, they feel they can’t move freely,” Eldanbouki told .“They can’t visit Internet cafes, meet with friends, walk the streets or use public transportation.Sarhan was scheduled to explain all on Lebanese satcaster LBCi, co-owned by bin Talal, before canceling at the last minute on the advice of her lawyers.“This is a big deal in Egypt,” says LBC chief exec Pierre Daher.While Sarhan has denied the charges against her, execs at Rotana are staying tight-lipped. There are conflicting reports from Egypt and we’d rather not say anything other than Dr.Sarhan has our 100% support,” says Rotana spokesman Abdullatif Chalabi.“First, there’s the question of whether it’s ethical to pay someone to say something on TV. Third, there’s the increasing competition between the private TV channels in Egypt, which is fueling this scandal.And finally, it seems as if the government is stepping in to reassert its control about what kind of subjects can be talked about on TV.” Prostitution, and sexuality in general, remains a sensitive subject in Egypt.

You don't have the same rights as in a normal marriage.

Later, the court ruled the men were merely showering.

(To Egypt’s credit, el-Iraqi was subsequently found guilty of filming someone without their consent and was sentenced to six months in jail.) The extent of Egypt’s opposition to non-heterosexuals was brought into sharp relief in the United Nations on several occasions. “Egyptian society suffers from discrimination in general, but gays are always harassed,” noted Eldanbouki.

Kotb, who wrote her thesis at Florida’s Maimonides U.

on sexuality in Islam, has been preaching, among other things, about the joys of foreplay and intermarital relations.

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