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' he asked, as she tipped back her head and chortled.'I'm so sorry.It's not you, it's me,' she said, trying to explain away the situation.is a critically-acclaimed sitcom that began in 2005; airing on FX for the first eight seasons and FXX since season nine. Reruns have aired on Comedy Central, MTV2 and Viceland, while the entire series is available for streaming on Netflix (in Ireland and the UK) and Hulu (Also in the US).

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He doesn't believe in or trust psychiatrists, and was admitted into a school for clinically insane children for a short while as a child, before he was cleared of any legal mental issues and received a certificate stating that he did not have donkey brains.Next, Mr Schmaren lulled her into another trance and said: 'When I reach the count of three you're going to see a cellphone on the table next to you and on the cellphone is Justin Bieber.'He has phoned to tell you he's madly in love with you.'When Ms Steyer opened her eyes, she picked up the phone and explained that it was Justin Bieber saying how much he loved her.After coming off the phone, she said: 'I have to break up with my boyfriend because I'm going to date Justin Bieber.'Finally, Mr Schmaren told her under hypnosis she had been given a 'rear-end implant' by the company where she works.The hypnotist began by convincing her while in a trance that she would laugh 'uncontrollably and hysterically' at her friend's face.As Mr Schmaren counted her back into consciousness, he showed her a photo of her friend and she immediately burst into laughter.'What's so funny?

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