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Even if you have to stop talking mid-sentence, you should aim to speak only when they breath out.

They believe that all masters of human communication had similar patterns and methods that could be learned by others through observation.The conscious mind is simply what we are focused on at any given moment.On the other hand, the unconscious is the massive store of every experience, belief, habit, method and thought we have ever had.Instead of getting frustrated and annoyed with your colleague, you could say to your client, “You may have heard a door opening and let this be an opportunity to invite new ideas and thoughts into your life.”If I was to say “you know that you can feel confident about some learnings from last weekend . A block is something much more insurmountable than something that is merely blocking your progress.When phrases like these are used, the listener is forced to use his or her imagination to fill in the who’s and how’s.

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