Epiphone dot electric guitar dating

Early Alamo guitars sported a variety of three-and-three/two-and-two headstocks, which brings us up to 1965… 5 was an expanded line of electric Spanish guitars. In the middle of these guards was a mysterious design consisting of a long slash on the bass side and under it a crooked, stylized lowercase ? On the Eldorado bass (9.50), the pickguard was slightly larger and more squiggly than the Titan, black/white with an engraved Oriental ?? This came in only one version, the Model 2600 in red cherry.

Music instrument cases followed, and about 1949 or ? In about 1960, Alamo branched out into solidbody electric Spanish guitars, with the Texan. designs and the hyperbole in the catalog copy, I suspect these were mostly a complete overhaul in ? The sort of frumpy shape of the Fiesta gave way to variation on a groovy hybrid between a Strat and a Jazzmaster, with double cutaway horns, sort of squashed outwards. The Titan bass that year came in three finishes: Model 2593 in sunburst, Model 2594 in blond, and Model 2597 in cherry.

The Model 2598T came equipped with a Bigsby and adjustable compensated bridge for 9.50. This remained a hollow core beast, but now with a goofy, more angular offset double-cutaway body profile, with the upper horn a large hump with an angle. The Fury Standard was a stoptail axe with the Acra-Tune bridge assembly.

This came with either one bridge pickup (Model 2583, .50) or with two pickups (Model 2585, with four controls and 3-way near the lower horn, .50). The hollow Fury Tremolo was the same, except for the addition of a vibrato.

New was the Model 2566 Fury Bass combo amp, with five tubes, three inputs, volume and two tones, 15″ Jensen speaker, 20 watts output (40 watts peak), and a 9.50 price tag. 7 Alamo Artist Series was basically familiar amps with the new look. The head was a slightly truncated Strat-style 6-in-line, with more rounded features than its more angular predecessors. This had a Honduran Mahogany body finished in red cherry.

Included were the Model 2570 Electra Twin Ten, Model 2564 Jet, Model 2565 Montclair, and Model 2572 Titan, all with the same specs and pretty much the same prices. The bolt-on neck had a 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard with dots. included both hollow-core and solidbody guitars, all called Fury, which were engraved in script down under the strings!

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