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The judges had mixed feelings about their passionfest — although all of them gave the couple kudos for taking a “risk.” Len Goodman: “Freestyle is about risk and reward.

You took an enormous risk; in parts you pulled it off. I liked it, but I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t love it.” Bruno Tonioli: “That was a psychodrama unfolding out there! You took a huge risk attempting contemporary technique, and some of the steps you pulled off were quite incredible. I just think it was the perfect choice for you to make. Even Maks, I think what’s great about this is, is Maks, you’re risking because this isn’t your specialty….

Tom Bergeron, usually the one ready with the quick-witted responses himself, had to give Chmerkovskiy props on that.

Arthur Agatston's new book "The South Beach Heart Plan".

" and his role in Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid.

Are the Democrats Wrong In Continuing To Pursue The Shoddy Intelligence? Interview With Ambassador Paul Bremer/Analysis of Post-War Iraq • Trent Lott Talks to Larry King • Interview with Sen.

John Mc Cain (R-AZ) • Woodward Addresses Voter Apathy • Former Texas Governor Ann Richards Predicts Elections Outcomes • Interview With Rudy Giuliani • Interviews With Marc Racicot, Terry Mc Auliffe, Jeb Bush • Larry King Interviews Trent Lott • Ford Children Discuss Their Father's Stroke; George W.

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    Shepherds who were minding their sheep on the hillside came in to see the baby, and went away singing thanks to God for the newborn king.

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    A lot of the time, women fall into the trap of playing “emotional detective”: They dig into their memories and observations and go through EVERY insignificant detail to try and uncover some “hidden message” or “secret code” that the guy is sending.

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    If you are generating XML files programatically, you may want to look at the XMLBeans library.

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    The worst places are Idaho, where 60 percent of people are married; and Utah, where 59 percent of people are married. Think you'll find love while perched on a barstool? Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men say they've found a relationship at a bar or club—blame it on the beer goggles. On a date, first impressions do count: Men take only 15 minutes to decide if a woman is worth a second date. Disagreements about money, according to a poll by the University of Denver.

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    Traditionally, women were the primary caregivers and homemakers of a family.