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For some people the reverse seems to be true.) = English to Speakers of Other Languages (Note: ESL and EFL are often used interchangeably.This acronym is an attempt to make a generic term and then assign more limited meanings to ESL and EFL.) L1 = "Language 1" = the student's native (primary or first acquired) language.Learning English as a second or foreign language (ESL / EFL) takes time, and building your vocabulary is an important key to improving your communication skills.

Ask the expert In this speed-dating like speaking activity, students interview each other about their hobbies and interests.

Here, tutors have shared their knowledge so that you won't be confused as to what a preposition is.

If you still need help mastering the English language - we don't blame you! Sentence fragments and run-on sentences are some of the most common mistakes English language learners make.

On this page, you will find suggestions for speaking exercises ranging from simpler more controlled interactions to wider-ranging free-speaking activities. Also available as an A4 sized book to keep in your bag. A mingling activity in which students locate the person on their sheet and engage them in short conversations. Well suited to the first lesson with a more advanced class.

In this mingling activity, students trade opinions cards with their classmates.

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