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Gospel singer Israel Houghton and his entertainer wife Adrienne Houghton hosted their housewarming party on Memorial Day weekend which featured a prayer from Hollywood executive and De Von Franklin.

About Barbara Opall-Rome Opall-Rome is Israel bureau chief for Defense News. S.-Israel strategic cooperation, Mideast security and missile defense since May 1988.

In its “Memorandum in aid of sentencing,” the government noted that without the plea deal, Nozette would have faced a 327-month incarceration.

The mitigated sentence was “the result of an assessment by the Government that a contested trial would be exceedingly complicated given the classified information at issue.” In his sentencing memorandum, Anthony Asuncion, assistant U. attorney, hailed Nozette as a “brilliant scientist” whose experience in the space arena was “diverse and impressive” and whose motive for betraying his country “was greed, pure and simple.” Nozette, according to Asuncion, “sought to sell some of America’s most closely guarded secrets — including information directly concerning satellites classified as Top Secret/SCI [Secure Compartmentalized Information — to a person he believed as an agent for a foreign intelligence organization.” When asked about his relationship with Nozette, Weiss said the American expert was on the IAI payroll long before he entered his previous job as managing director of IAI’s missiles, systems and space division. We never at any time expressed any interest in the other way around,” Weiss said.

Today, nearly 70 years after Israel declared independence, her right to exist still comes under assault.

But every day, AJC is countering the campaign to delegitimize Israel. But it is evidence of the complete capture of the Jewish establishment by Zionism, and the ways in which leading organizations have turned the Jewish religion into Zionism– and made the conflict in Israel and Palestine a religious conflict.

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    FAR 16.505(b)(7); see also Systems Research & Applications Corp.; Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., B-299818 et al., Sept. While a comparative assessment might be made in the underlying documents upon which the selection decision relies, or in the selection decision itself, it must be documented and reviewable. B-413386.2, B-413386.3: Oct 28, 2016)Next, Heartland protests that the agencys best-value determination was contrary to the terms of the solicitation, which provided that the technical/management and past performance evaluation factors were significantly more important than price. Nonetheless, it is well-settled that an agency may properly select a lower-rated, lower-priced proposal where it reasonably concludes that the benefits of the higher-rated proposal are not worth the price premium.

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