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Many rituals that center around the bathing (abhishekam) of an idol of Palani Andavar with many substances, including panchaamirtam consisting of five fruits and honey, were developed by him and continue to be followed to this day.

The idol had to be created from a substance that would last throughout Kali Yuga.

He did so in two books, the Tao Ching, with 37 verses, and the Te Ching with 42 verses (Mac Kintosh, 1971).

In book two he says Do good to him who has done you injury, which was also said by the contemporary Tamil Siddha, Tiruvalluvar in his Tirukkural (Tiruvalluvar, 1968).

or Bhogar, the Jāna Guru of Babaji, in the poem Bhogar Jāna Sagarama (Bhogars Oceanic Life Story, consisting of 557 verses, verse number 2, lines number 3 and 4), identifies himself as a Tamilian, (Ramaiah, 1979; 1982. There are nine important shrines associated with this tradition, five of which are in the Himālaya Mountains: Amarnāth (where Shiva first taught Kriya Yoga to his Shakti partner, Parvati Devi), Kedarnāth, Badrināth (India), Kailāsanāth, (Tibet) and Paśupatināth (Nepal).

He belonged to the ancient tradition of Nava (nine) Nāth sadhus (holy ascetics), tracing their tradition to Lord Shiva.

When the disciples returned to the spot where the bodies had been left lying, all that was found was a note, in Bhoganāthars handwriting, which said: This kaya kalpa enabled Bhoganāthar to transform the Chinese body over a period of 12,000 years, during which time it developed a lustrous golden color. The advanced techniques which he taught involve raising the energies from the mūladhāra cakra corresponding to the perineum up to the sahasrara cakra during sexual intercourse with a spiritually minded partner, resulting in sublimated energy, tejas. I know a bird can fly, a fish can swim, and an animal can run.At the end of his mission to China, about 400 BC, Bhoganāthar, with his disciple Yu (whom he also gave the Indian name Pulipani) and other close disciples, left China by the land route.As recorded in the Taoist literature, at the request of the gatekeeper at the Han Ku mountain pass Lao-Tzu crystallized his teachings.He attained swarūpa samādhi at Palani, through the grace of Lord Muruga, or the eternal youth, Kumāra Swāmi.The Kumāraswāmi temple at Palani became the epicenter of his activities. He convened a meeting of many siddhas just before the beginning of the present Kali Yuga, in 3102 BC, to determine the best way for humanity to progress along the spiritual path during the coming period of darkness.

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