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They play in public or behind closed doors..always having a blast and of course stripping.

The folks at Zishy are very picky as to who they shoot so we always get the hottest girls fresh to LA.

Most of the guys have been dates at Walthamstow escorts and when I have the left escort agency in Walthamstow for the day, I sort have not had to worry about what happens next.

If my dates want to go out dressed in women’s clothing, I really don’t have a problem with that at all.

He was standing on a rock, overlooking the scene he was shooting, when a wave knocked him over, killing him. Michel Richaud, one of Europe's top porn directors of the last decade (most recently known for his work for Private Film), died while shooting a feature in the Seychelles for Private. If there's a well-known rumor, that person will be listed as "Not Dead" on the Dead Porn Star List. Mike South ([email protected]) Pro-am director. His "Southern Belles" series was nominated for many awards. We all have one other form of research that works even better -- it is called the marketplace. I could go on, with complaints about boxes not representing what is inside them. Jim Gunn ([email protected]) Principal producer for Pleasure Productions. Famed series: Strap-on Sally, East Coast Sluts Rodney Moore ([email protected]) One half of the Cumm Brothers, Rodney is a pro-am favorite with such series as "How to Make a Model" and "Rodney Moore's Northwest Pecker Trek." Patrick Riley ([email protected]) Patrick writes the excellent X-Rated Star Index books along with the X-Rated Video Review... Andrew Roberts ([email protected]) Adult movie editor with sections in the FAQs and regular contributor to the newsgroups. However, IMHO, most of us tend NOT to regard things here as the bottom line. Many here have been vociferous about natural tits and NOT wanting big ones. Sorry -- when a gal gets bigger, so does her pocketbook and that of the producer. Some like them some don't, but the marketplace right now is very hot for them.

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