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I’m convinced that the locks are original and came from a John Manton gun , I believe both were from No 5028 ( the illegible number on the edge of the rt hand lock would be consistent with 5028), althought interestingly there are subtle differences in the engraving on the two locks that only an engraver would register, so perhaps the two locks were engraved by different people or the engraver didn’t have a consistent style.

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Let’s accept that the lockplates are original and from a John Manton gun No 5028 of 1808 or thereabouts.

I also think that the left hand cock is contemporary.

The engraving on the frizzens is closely matched and looks original (or a good fake! The barrels have 5028 stamped on each, with London V and C/P marks in ovals, and one had the barrelmaker’s initials (? The breech plugs are both numbered 5028 – they do not quite mate flush with the false breech, which suggests that the false breech is not the right one – it isn’t particularly well let into the stock either.

The tang of the trigger guard has 5028 engraved on it (not stamped as I originally thought, which would be wrong!

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