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Regardless of whether he or she is telling the truth, if anyone ever asks you to play a sex game with garden shears…don’t.Anglican Minister Urges Parishioners To Pray That England’s Prince George Is Gay Last up, we have a real head-scratcher.

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To answer that, meet Janet Lieberman and her business partner Alexandra Fine. Lieberman is an MIT-educated mechanical engineer and she brought her genius to bear on how to provide more pleasure. As you might imagine, it often plays havoc on relationships since men with POIS typically shy from sex, or release, to avoid getting sick. He went to the doctor complaining of a vicious case of “jock itch” that had lasted several months. Like, bruh, why are you waiting to go to a doctor when your balls have been itchy for ? Without fail, we find a few creative kinksters, a few horny criminals that just make you wonder, “WTF?! ” This week, it’s all about life’s little surprises.

They just released their first toy called Eva, it’s a hand-free clitoral stimulator for partners. As Lieberman says, “In the end, it’s the engineer presence more than the female engineer presence that makes the difference.” What a very feminist approach to sex toys. Not allergic like when you sneeze, allergic as in every time you climax, you get sick, and it lasts for up to a week. That’s the reality for men who suffer from POIS, or post-orgasmic illness syndrome. Look, if you had a bad week, here’s a bright spot: at least you’re not allergic to sex. As it turns out, his “itchy balls” weren’t a skin condition like regular old contact dermatitis. Nothing Says Happy Holidays Quite Like The Gift of an Erotic Carp Calendar Let’s start with a fun one.

They fear ridicule if stories are told portraying them as the kind of man who declines sex with an attractive woman.” A better measure of a man is that he does what feels right, for him, even if that means passing on a super horny hookup. It overturns many of our deepest-held societal expectations of gender, and it points out how times are changing.

spoke with artist Hutchtastic, a political activist who makes charming, neon Trump sex toys. Here’s how Hutchtastic puts it: “First of all, I am literally calling him a giant dickhead. Now, if you in the market for feminist sex toys, we have good news.

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