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I did 200; had to turn few away as speaking to Prince William. Dye your hair and get some more Botox.’Festive goodwill is lacking in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, after local resident Russell Brand was invited to switch on the Christmas lights.

‘Marlow town council must have suffered a collective memory failure,’ complains one reader, Alasdair Gibb, in a letter to the local paper.

— Disappointed Reader Dear Disappointed: The man quoted in this letter described the burden of being a “straight white male” in the workplace.

I’m not aware that straight white males have an extra burden.

And I also don’t want to be nervous the entire time he’s in our house, if we do invite him over, which would add more stress to the holidays.

My husband said he will support whatever decision I make, but I’m not sure what to do. — Worried Sister Dear Worried Sister: Your brother might believe that he is ready to enter your family circle in this way, but you are not ready, and your instincts are telling you that this is not a good idea – and that’s the only thing that matters.

It was never right — they just somehow got away with it.’Emily, 44, declines to name names, however, but her comments have led friends and former colleagues to speculate about the identities of her tormentors.

Learning to say a respectful “Sorry – but no” is honest and empowering.

She has not asked me directly to purchase anything or invited me to any sales “events,” but I anticipate one/both happening soon. — Tupper-wary in NJDear Tupper-wary: You can respond to sales entreaties with an enthusiastic, “No thanks, I’m all set – but congratulations, and good luck with your business!

” Don’t judge this woman for being an entrepreneur, but definitely exercise your own right to spend your money the way you want to.

She is married to the actor Tom Mullion, who starred in the film Snow White And The Huntsman and is a co-founder of fashionable Mayfair restaurant Kitty Fisher’s.

Sugar added: ‘As a Z-list celebrity, you would’ve only been asked for one selfie.

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