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Register to play SWAGO at If you don’t hit “Join” you won’t get credit for completing the action items. Swago will begin on Monday, August 7 at 12 noon ET. Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete.

Swagbucks posts bonus codes on their Facebook, Twitter and blog pages each day.But, many of them get stuck at the very beginning - wondering who will look at a resume with a years-long gap and worrying that their old network of colleagues is next to nonexistent.But Katie Dunn, founder of the Back to Business Women's Conference, says women should shed those worries. I highly recommend the conference, which I attended two years ago."Schedule time to do this work and stick to the schedule." Here are the 10 tips Dunn shared for moms ready to return to their career: Spend some time up front thinking about what you want to do.You don’t have to narrow it down to one option – recognize that there are multiple possibilities that could work for you and be flexible enough to change course as you learn more about yourself and the job market throughout your job search.

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